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Certified Leadership Coach
Women Empowerment

Are you dealing with self-doubt, lack of confidence, identity issues, or lack of assertiveness? Are you a perfectionist or a people-pleaser? 

Whether you are feeling limited or stuck in your career, business, or in your personal life, I will help you develop the confidence, habits and skills to successfully overcome your challenges and access a life of freedom, joy, balance and purpose.

You’re in the right place :) <3.

"Helping Women with their sense of self-worth and identity so they can live the life they want, and free themselves from others’ expectations."

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Certified Professional Coach 

A multicultural women, born Russian-Armenian who grew up in France and worked in Ireland and California before moving back to Paris. I earned my certification as a Certified Professional Coach from IPEC (Top #3 school in the world) and have been coaching women of various backgrounds internationally, in English and French, to unlock their highest potentials.

I’m also a certified facilitator of a workshop developed by a team at Google focused on helping women advance their careers through a set skills to successfully self-advocate their accomplishmentsI also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life and deal with anxiety.

Before becoming a Professional Life & Leadership Coach, I have worked 13 years in Sales and Marketing roles, which includes 6 years at Google as Account Manager and Account Executive, across 2 continents. Leaving my country of birth as a kid, having to adapt to a new culture, and leaving my comfort zone again as an adult to conquer my career dreams internationally, I am used to overcome adversity and grow outside of my comfort zone.

"The only constant is change".

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What my clients say <3

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“Marina is a 5 star coach. Every session we had, she brought a warmth and energy that was so welcoming and made it easy for me to feel comfortable and be vulnerable - no matter what the topic was. Her coach’s intuition is spot on and she always seems to know the perfect question to ask to spark inner reflection. It was during one of our sessions that I had one of the biggest “aha” moments of my entire life; with Marina’s coaching, I was able to experience a personal discovery that up until that point I had not been able to identify in my life. Whatever topic I brought to the sessions, I knew that I would leave satisfied. I am forever grateful for the shifts Marina has helped me to create in my life, both big and small.”

Marissa Azucena

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Marina Movsissian - Professional Life & Leadership Coaching

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