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The worst mistake in terms of career strategy

Are you ambitious? Are you interested in your professional career? Do you hope one day to be promoted, to become a leader, or to obtain a greater scope of responsibility? Then this article is for you :).

As a Certified Professional Coach and Leadership Coach in particular, I do a lot of Coaching in Career Development. I had in my professional experience, before changing careers, the opportunity to meet many people who taught me something (good or bad; and intentionally or not). One day in particular, I had this wonderful piece of advice from my manager, which is a mistake that I have since seen in a large number of people.

Today as a Coach, and working more with women, I see that it is particularly common among us, at the start of a career and even among those who have more confirmed positions.

So what is the worst mistake you can make in your career?

The biggest mistake in terms of career strategy... is not having one. Of strategy.

Waiting for weariness, dissatisfaction, exhaustion or even burnout before thinking about your next professional step is a very common mistake.

One of the most important career advice you will hear is:

Don't wait until you want to change jobs before thinking about your next job...

You landed a job (yay!). You are content ; the salary suits you, the assignments seem interesting, and your colleagues are probably nice.

Maybe you even have the feeling that in this position you can really contribute something meaningful to you, which will allow you to feel fulfilled. Great!

As soon as you pass the peak following your onboarding, so this period that you need to feel competent and comfortable in your position - to ramp-up - these few months, I advise you to start questioning yourself. All the more so if you don't already have a career idea or plan. Ask yourself if you have your career plan elsewhere; it's time to be strategic.

Why think about your career as soon as you are comfortable in your new position?

We often hear that it takes 2 to 3 years to "confirm" a job position.

That's not what I'm questioning here. What I'm telling you is don't wait for the end of this experience to think about the next one, at the risk of not maximizing this experience. It could be so much more intentional, and meaningful (or impactful)!

Because if all goes well, and you like the experience, you may want to move up in the company (or outside it for that matter), and that requires preparation.

Because if in fact you are not sure that you like it, you will need to have the energy to find something else. Do not wait until you no longer have this energy!

And finally, because you always have to ask yourself questions.

Have regular check-ins with yourself. How do you know where you are, if you don't take the time to check it?

The questions to ask yourself

  • Am I satisfied with my place in life?

  • Am I aligned with my choices?

  • Does my job give me the fulfillment I seek professionally?

  • Where do I see myself in 2 or 5 years?

If you are satisfied and hope to progress in your current career; what experiences or skills do you want to create or develop at home in order to best position yourself for the next step?

You can be accompanied by a Coach to create a career plan that suits you and that really fulfills you and start to put the necessary actions in place in this direction.

If you are not satisfied; what are the adjustments to be made? Would you like to have the same position in another company, which would be more aligned with your values, or simply to change sectors? If this is the case, once you have thought more deeply about what you will be looking for, you will still have the energy you will need to apply for new offers and prepare yourself properly for your interviews to perform at your best.

You can also choose to be accompanied by a specialized Coach to find clarity and be sure to find your answers effectively.

If you are not satisfied at all, keep in mind that the trial period is also a 2-way street, you too have the right to end this experience if it does not ultimately suit you. And look for a better fit.

If you are already too tired, or burnout, then what are your options for getting some rest? Can you take time off or increase the time you spend in nature? And/or what activities give you energy? Love to paint and haven't touched a brush in 10 years? Maybe now is the time to pick it back up. Find an activity that you makes you vibrate, attach yourself to it for a while to reboost you a little, while you think about what's next.

Consider working with a Coach to figure out how to avoid repeating that experience or at least find a better opportunity for yourself quickly.

Career too is strategic and needs to be planned!

And you, what is your strategy for your career?

If you would like to discuss your career and your ambitions for free, we can discuss it and see if it would be a good time for you to be accompanied by a Career Development Coach.

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