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What Clients Are Saying

“Marina is a 5 star coach. Every session we had, she brought a warmth and energy that was so welcoming and made it easy for me to feel comfortable and be vulnerable - no matter what the topic was. Her coach’s intuition is spot on and she always seems to know the perfect question to ask to spark inner reflection. It was during one of our sessions that I had one of the biggest “aha” moments of my entire life; with Marina’s coaching, I was able to experience a personal discovery that up until that point I had not been able to identify in my life. Whatever topic I brought to the sessions, I knew that I would leave satisfied. I am forever grateful for the shifts Marina has helped me to create in my life, both big and small.”

Marissa Azucena (USA)

“I owe it to my future self to seek my best version today. The weekly customized sessions with Marina immediately became a favorite time of the week and the most valuable self investment with almost immediately impactful results. Get in touch with Marina today, you owe it to your future self. ”

Elle Rost (USA)

“Marina helped me to connect better with myself. I was feeling vulnerable and a little lost on not knowing what to do. Her skills made possible for me to find the way. The way that was right for me. Now, I’m feeling empowered and confident with my goals and myself. “

Carolina M Haynock (USA)

“Wow, I was pleasantly surprised how much ground we covered in one session! I had my reservations about coaching but after working with Marina I now understand why people invest in coaches. Marina is a very knowledgeable, kind, and all "about your goals" kind of coach. I'm so glad I followed through with booking a session and have enjoyed working with her over the course of a few months. I wouldn't have been able to reach my personal goals without her support. Thank you coach!”

Brando Menjivar (USA)

"Working with Marina has been very helpful at unlocking blockers in my professional life. Throughout our sessions we've been able to build personal awareness and identify root causes of specific challenges. Her insights were key to help me tackle them confidently. “

Clementine  - Talent Acquisition Manager (France)

"I come out of our 9 sessions together with the ability to analyze the states in which I find myself and this allows me to take a lot of perspective! I also leave with very practical tools that I have already been able to put into action in my job. Thank you again Marina for your listening and the gift of you during these weeks together!"

Marion (France)

"Marina is an extraordinary coach, we quickly established a relationship of trust which allowed me to be very comfortable during our sessions and to speak honestly about the difficulties I was encountering in my professional and personal life.
She helped me identify the causes that were preventing me from moving forward as I wanted and to flourish. We have, together, and thanks to her coaching, worked on an action plan in order to rebalance my personal and professional life. I found the balance I was looking for and feel much more confident. Thank you very much Marina!"

Sophie (France)

"Marina was an energizing and positive source in my personal development. She helped me change my perspective on my professional and personal life and challenge myself during a difficult period in my life. I came out of it refreshed, ready to take control of my life and see things in a more positive way. In the space of 9 sessions, the results were beyond my expectations and I am convinced that this investment in myself will benefit me for the long term. I didn't need to wait for the end of my sessions to recommend her already and I wish you all to benefit from her light and her grace!

Deborah (France)

Testimonials: Testimonials
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